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W5 Claims Management Software - Managing your claims, understanding and growing your business.

How many things do you and your staff do every day over and over? Get this, do that, repeat. It’s not just about saving time on repetitive tasks. It’s about making sure they don’t get missed when you have a long list of to do’s that need doing now. - Automation

Documents, thousands and thousands of documents and photos. Getting them, organizing them, securing them, distributing them. It’s a big job and critical to your success. - Document Management

Time constraints and customer SLA’s. It’s not enough that you need to meet those challenges but you have to measure and report your successes and failures. So how well do your adjusters perform? Where and what are the potholes that trip up your staff? Can you show your customers that their trust is well placed? - Workflow + Business Intelligence Analytics

Communication. Emailing messages, status and requests. Sending documents and records. Issuing quick notifications. Securely involving your clients and vendors online in real time. Getting information to those who need it, when they need it, how they need it is a vital component for frictionless collaboration. - Messaging + Collaboration Portals

Managing financials. Setting reserves by coverage, party and asset. Enforcing policy limits.  Tracking and auditing changes. Enforcing authority limits and approvals. Trust accounts and reconciliations. Issuing checks and managing ACH transactions. - Reserves Management + Client Policy Tracking

Auditing and reporting.  Audits, whether internal or external, are necessary and can be a challenging and time consuming exercise. Assembling a full package of notes, actions, records, documents, communications and other supporting material on a claim or a cross section of claims. - Advanced Claim Management


Comprehensive Security

  • Fully encrypted data
  • User password rules
  • Comprehensive user access management
  • Automatic disable-user rules
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Documents are encrypted
  • Comprehensive document access controls

Client and Vendor Management

  • Companies, company contacts, B2B relationships
  • Client and contact DNU lists
  • Client and contact notes, preferences. SLA, billing rates
  • Outsourced adjusting vendor management
  • Service vendor management
  • Credentialing and supporting documents
  • Services, Locations, rates
  • Notes and performance rating

Reserve and Loss Management

  • Manage reserves and payments against coverage's by Party and Asset (property,vehicle, etc.)
  • Manage reserve and payment authorities
  • Client policy limits enforcement
  • Approvals management
  • Deductible Recovery management
  • Loss Reporting
  • Multi Currency


Check Writer and Trust Account Management

  • Check request, approval(s), payment scheduling, check printing
  • Replenishment notifications
  • Account Reconciliation

Interfaces and Integrations

  • XactAnalysis
  • Bottomline (Allegient) Bill Submission
  • Lloyds of London
  • SecureDocs
  • ClaimWrX

Messaging and Communications


  • ​On demand and automated, rule based message dispatching
  • Author and Send Email, E-fax and SMS
  • Drag/Drop Emails
  • Email, E-fax and SMS are catalogued within the claims

Document Management

  • Document sharing
  • Access Management 
  • Document generation & merging
  • Secure Storage

Note Management

  • Unlimited note taking combined with action audits and access audits
  • Access security with privacy setting

Diary Activity Workspace

  • Diary scheduling and tracking
  • Appointment management
  • Reporting and Deadline management

Workflow Management + Process Automation

  • Consistent and focused decision support​
  • "What now" with a view to "What's next"
  • Divide and conquer heavy workloads with workflow queues
  • Streamline operations by automating and simplifying tasks​
  • Increase productivity with intelligent document generation​
  • Improve performance with claim monitoring and notifications
  • Recognize potential problems
  • Powerful and flexible rules provide comprehensive automation
  • Automate tasks such as note creation, charge creation, document generation, notifications, email generation, instant messaging, SLA keypoint timestamps, workflow interaction, action and response queuing and much more

Accounting + Billing

  • Time + Expense Tracking and Billing 
  • Vendor Payment Processing
  • Fee Schedule Management
  • Multi Currency
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounting System Interfaces

Business Management Reporting

  • Claim Referral Activity
  • Claim Statistics
  • Performance Statistics
  • Revenue and Cost Tracking
  • Business Intelligence Analytics

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